Explaining the registration funnel

The delegate funnel in your Registrations hub is a powerful tool that can allow you to chase leads and collect more registrations. It shows you all your delegates and their status in terms of their interaction with registration.

You'll see each segment of the funnel represents a different group of delegates. 

  • Cold delegates have not yet clicked on anything registration related in the system.
  • Warm delegates have started to register, but left the registration form without completing. 
  • Unpaid delegates have fully completed their registration, but have yet to pay. Perhaps they opted to pay by bank transfer, but their payment has not yet been recorded. 
  • Paid delegates are registered and fully paid. 

Filtering the funnel

By default, the funnel will show you all delegates who have an Ex Ordo account for your conference. In addition to seeing your delegates' registration interaction status, you can filter by delegate type. So you can see just your authors, reviewers or presenters (presenting authors). 

Exporting the data

You can export the data from your delegate funnel under each segment in excel format by selecting 'Export'. You can also view those registrations only, or message the delegates from that segment. 

Messaging the delegates from your Cold, Warm and Unpaid segments can help you gain more in registration sales so can always be worthwhile. 

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