Changing the default times of my sessions

In Ex Ordo Programme you will see two different session types (to learn more about  sessions check our article here):

  • Regular Conference Sessions (Keynote, Oral, Poster, Workshop, Panel),
  • Conference Events (Registration, Tea and Coffee, Drink reception, Tour etc.).

By default in Ex Ordo, regular session types have a length of 60 mins. So when you create a session, it will automatically appear as one hour long in the Programme. However, if you're creating lots of sessions and would like to save time amending session times, this can be changed. It means you can have different default times for each session. For example:

  • All Oral sessions will have 90 minutes length.
  • All Poster session will last for 120 minutes.
  • All Workshops can be 75 minutes long.

If you would like to set up a different length time for each individual session type, you can find this under Manage > Session Defaults.

You will see a list of Session types and you can now set up a different length by selecting time from the dropdown as below. Even if you've configured your default times here you can still manually adjust each session length in the specific session when creating them.

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