Collect payments with PayPal

In order to allow delegates to pay through PayPal, you must configure your PayPal account correctly and connect it to your Ex Ordo registration. This article explains the steps that should be taken to complete this process. 

Step 1) Login to PayPal Developer

To find your PayPal access token, navigate to and login using your regular Paypal login details.

Step 2) My Account in PayPal

Select 'My Account' from the dropdown in the top right of your screen.

Step 3) My Apps & Credentials

Once in My Account, select 'My Apps & Credentials'.

Step 4) Live Account

Click and link your email address under 'Live Account'. Click on this email once linked.

Step 5) Currencies

Select the currencies you would like to collect payments through by checking the box beside them. 

Step 6) Login to regular PayPal in a new tab

In the previous steps, we've been working in PayPal Developer. Now we must navigate to Login and under 'Activity', select 'Currencies'. 

Step 7) Choose your currencies

Here you can choose the currencies you wish to accept payments through. You must do this on both PayPal Developer (Step 5) and in the regular PayPal in order for it to work.

Step 8) Connect your PayPal to Ex Ordo with your access token

Now you can connect your PayPal account to registration in Ex Ordo. Read more about this process here.

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