Your PayPal access token

To start accepting payments through your PayPal account, you need to first find your PayPal access token and enter it in your Payments setting in registration. Follow the below steps to find this access token and allow your delegates to pay with PayPal.

Step 1) Login to PayPal Developer

To find your PayPal access token, navigate to and login using your regular Paypal login details.

Step 2) My Account in PayPal

Select 'My Account' from the dropdown in the top right of your screen.

Step 3) My Apps & Credentials

Once in My Account, select 'My Apps & Credentials'.

Step 4) Live Account

Click and link your email address under 'Live Account'. Click on this email once linked.

Step 5) Your Access Token

Here's where you'll find your Access Token. Click on the token and copy it.

Step 6) Payments settings in Ex Ordo registration

Navigate back to the Registration hub in Ex Ordo and paste the access code in your Payments settings.

Now you can start accepting payments through PayPal. 

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