Test the registration workflow

When your system is in test mode, you can see your form in action just as delegates would! You can do this as many times you are happy to Go Live.

Step 1) Overview

You can test your registration directly from Overview by selecting 'Begin Test Registration'.

Step 2) Registration form

Once in the registration form, you can move through each step, just as a delegate would.

Step 3) Checkout

The last step of registering - or testing registration in this case - is the checkout. Depending on how you've set up payments, you can either pay by card or bank transfer. Select the option you wish to choose.

Step 4a) Pay by Card

When choosing to pay by card, Stripe will pop up, as below, and you can enter your card details. You can test out real card payments here by using your credit/debit card and checking your Stripe account to see the payments come in.

Step 4b) Pay by bank transfer

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, it is like a pledge to pay. Select 'pay by bank transfer' and your test registration will appear as pending payment until you record the payment. Just as it would with a live registration. When you see the bank transfer payment in your bank account, you can record it as paid.

Step 5) View your test registrations

Finally, you can view all your test registrations in the list of test registrations as below. These will all be removed when you go live. 

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