Register for the conference

If you are an administrator in the system wishing to register to attend, this article will explain the process.

Step 1) Reaching registration hub

There are couple of ways to register as the administrator. You can complete registration process by following the prompt from the dashboard as the rest of the delegates or by selecting My registration from your Registrations list. Both ways are explained below.

My Registration card

Once registration is live you will see a Register prompt on your dashboard. Clicking on Register button will take you to the conference registration form. 

Registrations hub

If you are already in your Registrations hub you can register from there as well. Select My Registration from the dropdown or select the same button on the top of the list form your registrations list as shown below:

Step 2) Follow Register now prompt

On the screen that will appear in this step you will see what is the conference early bird deadline and you'll be able to add your discount code for services if any. If you're happy to proceed select  Register now as below:

You will be now taken through the couple of steps where you can select your registration fees, workshops, social events and proceed to a payment page. Steps you can see in here will depend on the settings you've configured for the conference.

Step 2a) Guide for Delegates

Guide for delegates is the first step in the process. Here you can see some conference details, terms and conditions or any other important information related with the conference you're registering for. Click Next to select your registration fee.

Step 2b) Registration Fee

Now it's time to select your registration fee. When you're done, move to the next step.

Step 2c) Workshops

If the conference has workshops enabled you'll be able to select your workshop in this step. Click Next.

2d) Social Events

Here you can confirm your attendance for a social event. If the step is not showing for you it means conference doesn't have any social events or they could be included in the registration fee. Click Next.

2e) Billing Address

This step is a default step of any registration process. You'll have to add your Billing address and details that will appear on your registration Invoice.

2f) Checkout

In this step you will see list of all the services you've selected and your amount due at the bottom of the page. If you would like to edit your registration you can always go back to any of the steps and make the change. 

On the checkout step you need to select your payment type. Conference can collect credit card payments, bank transfers or both as shown on the top of the image below.

When you're happy with your registration select the payment type. If you're paying with a credit card system will prompt you to enter your card details and pay. When registration is paid you'll receive an email confirmation. If you're sending money via bank transfer you'll receive registration confirmation email with details for the wire transfer. Your spot will be confirmed once organisers receive your payment and mark your registration as paid

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