Marking registration as paid

If you're collecting bank transfer payments for your conference registration you will have to manually record those registrations as paid in the system. First you will have to confirm that you've received the money transfer with your bank. If the payment was received in your bank account, you can record the registration as paid in the system following the steps below.

Step 1) Find registration

First step is to find registration you would like to record as paid. You can Find a registration from Overview page and search by delegate's name or reference number or select Registrations to get into all your registrations list.

You will see the search result showing in the list. To see registration details click on a delegate name to expand the view:

Step 2) Record a Payment

You will now see all registration details related with this delegate. To save this payment select Record a Payment option as below:

A pop up screen will appear, and you will see the amount due for this registration. You can always change the amount here in case delegate overpaid or haven't transferred the correct amount to your bank account. When you're happy to proceed you can Record Payment.

When registration is recorded as paid, its status will change and an automated email with a registration receipt will be sent to the delegate.

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