Registration overview in test mode

When in test mode, the overview is where you can quickly access many of your registration settings and form. Here you can also go live, or open up registration to delegates.

Going live

At the top of the screen in the yellow banner, you can make registrations go live, either instantly or by setting a certain date in the future. This opens up registrations for your delegates, allowing them to register. 

Test registration

When in test mode, you can test out how you've set up your form so you can see what your delegates will see when registering. You can do this as many times as you need to until ready to go live. Select 'Begin Test Registration' to test it out.

Card Payments

You can view the status of your card payments settings and update them should you need to under Card Payments.

Bank Transfers

You can access your bank transfer settings in Overview too. Update the details, or leave them as is, if you are not using this option.

Registration Form

Once you've initially set up your form, you can always access it in Overview in test mode. You can see it as below and view each step, or edit the form by selecting 'Edit Form Contents'.

Pricing windows

At the bottom of Overview, you can see your pricing windows. Whether you have one, two or three, you can edit these should you need by selecting 'Edit Pricing Windows'. Read more about pricing windows here.

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