Setting up a Stripe account

In order to collect credit card payments from your delegates you'll have to configure your Stripe account. To setup your Stripe account follow the prompt Setup Account Now from Overview page as the one below:

You will be taken into Payments section where you can see your payment configuration. System will prompt you to Set up Stripe as on the image below:

You'll be now redirected to Stripe where you'll be asked some details. To setup your Stripe account you'll need the following details:

  • Country you're based.
  • Your company/organisation business type (Individual/Sole trader, Ltd company, Non profit organisation, etc.).
  • Your company/organisation VAT number, business address and your company website.
  • Credit card statement details that will appear on your customers' credit card statements - business name and phone number.
  • Personal details - your full name, address and date of birth.
  • Bank account details such as your bank account currency and your IBAN.

At the bottom of the setup account page you'll have to confirm your email address, select the password and then your Stripe account is ready!

Once you've created your Stripe account you'll still have to verify it's you when you log into Stripe. You will need your ID or a passport ready to complete this process. Each country will have it's own laws related with verification and you can find more information on the Stripe website  here.

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