Contacting the organizers

While the Ex Ordo support team are here to help you out with any technical problems you may have, the conference organizers are the experts on everything to do with the abstract management process - from submissions, through review and to the collection of final material if relevant. They can also guide you on any queries on the conference itself.

Should you need to contact the conference organizers, you can do so directly from your dashboard as soon as you login. 

Step 1) Contact Organizers link

See the image below, there is a 'Contact Organizers' link on the sidebar, just below the conference details. Click on the link, highlighted in the image.

Step 2) Compose your email

Clicking on this will provide you with an email pop up through your preferred email application, for example Apple Mail or Outlook, with the organizers' contact email pre-filled as the recipient. Simply compose your email with the query you have for the organizers and hit send. 

If there is no Contact Organizers link

If you do not see the 'Contact Organizers' link mentioned above and the sidebar on your dashboard looks something like highlight below, contact and we'll help you out.

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