Review group chair: Unlocking a review so further edits can be made

Once a reviewer locks a review, i.e. presses the green Lock Review button at the bottom of the marking scheme, they will not be able to make any additional changes to that review.

Only the chair, conference organizer or track chair is allowed to unlock the review and make it editable again.

Step 1) Find the submission

To do that, in the  Reviews hub navigate to the List of Submissions. Search for the submission in the list and when it appears, click on the title of the submission to view its reviews.

Step 2) Find the review

Scroll down the submission and find the name of the reviewer and select the  Unlock button to unlock that assignment for the reviewer.

You should see the padlock icon beside the reviewer's name disappear and the option to  Continue Reviewing appearing, this indicates that the review is now unlocked. The colour of the review will also change from green (Complete) to orange (In Progress). The reviewer will be now able to log in and make additional changes.

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