Collecting bank transfer payments

When your delegates register to attend, you can give them the option to pay by bank transfer. This means they commit to paying you their registration fee via their bank and you can manually record their payment later.

This can be configured in your Settings panel:

Process for the delegate

When the delegate goes to check out, they will have to confirm they are will pay by Bank Transfer. They will then have to pay externally to your bank.

System Records

  • Their commitment to pay will automatically be recorded
  • Registration will be marked as Pending
  • Due amount on the invoice will be the amount owed
  • Delegate will automatically receive a registration invoice via email with details for bank payment (as seen below)

  • Delegates’ registration will be marked as 'Pending' up until the organisers receive the payment and mark their registration invoice as paid
  • Delegates will receive a registration receipt with due amount 0.00, after organisers have made the payment

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