Review group chair: Changing review assignments mid review

If you are a review group chair, you may need to change reviewers on a submission. For example, their workload may be too high or they simply are not completing the required reviews in time. There is also a possibility that a submission is missing a reviewer after the automated allocation (it will appear as No reviewer) and it's then up to you to decide who should review the material. 

The steps below will show you how to change who is reviewing a particular submission. 

1) Browse Submissions

Click on Browse Submissions to see the submissions in your review group:

2) Find the reviewer to remove or the reviewer place to assign

First find the submission in the list and then click on the reviewer name or the No Reviewer slot on the submission:

3) Choose the reviewer

You will be presented with a screen that will ask you, "Who should review this paper?"

You will have 4 options to choose from:

  • Recommended Reviewers: Choose one of the "recommended reviewers" as determined by Ex Ordo's statistical analysis of the underlying submissions and available reviewers. 
  • Search by Name or Email: Browse or search the list of available reviewers available to you. 
  • Invite a Reviewer: Invite an external reviewer that is not currently available in the list of reviewers. This is useful if you would like to invite a colleague that has not yet been invited to be a reviewer for this conference.
  • No Reviewer: For whatever reason, you may decide to leave one of the review slots vacant. The submission will then receive one less review than the other submissions in your list. 

Changing review assignments mid review will send two automated emails. One to a reviewer that has been Unassigned from the submission to let them know they have been removed as a reviewer and one automated email to a Newly assigned reviewer to let them know they have a new submission to review.

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