Review group chair: Closing a review

As a review group chair, you can close or disable a review for a specific reviewer. This option is mostly used if a reviewer did not complete their review and you wish to proceed and submit your review group report and finish the review. You can't submit the review group report until all reviews are complete so this will help you proceed with the review process. 

In general, we don't recommend doing this, since this submission will have one review less than others, however, the ability is here, should you need to use it.

Step 1) Access the list

Access the Reviews hub and view the List of Submissions. Find the submission using the title or ID. 

Step 2) Use the check box to select submissions

In the left corner just next to the submission title you will see a checkbox. Use it to select submissions that you would like to close the review for.

Step 3) Close the review

When submissions are selected new Actions filter will appear on the top of your list and you will see an option to Close Review as below:

You will be now presented with a warning message as below, and to confirm the process select Yes, Close Review.

You can now complete your Review group chair report.

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