Old reg: My credit card payment failed. What next?

The Ex Ordo registration system allows you to make payments with credit cards, via PayPal or Realex.

The 3 most common problems that occur are:

  1. Error with a PayPal - Payment failed
  2. Error with Realex - Payment failed
  3. Payment completed but not marked as ‘paid’ in the Ex Ordo system

Payment failed - PayPal and Realex Error

If an error occurs during the payment process on PayPal’s website, the error is connected with PayPal site. Thus due privacy/security purposes, PayPal will not deal with Ex Ordo on your behalf, you must contact their support team directly. Visit: https://www.paypal.com/ie/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_contact-phone

If the conference is using Realex, and you encounter a 110 or 101 Error in Ex Ordo system. Please contact the conference organisers.

Payment not marked as Paid in Ex Ordo system

If your registration/payment is still marked as ‘Pending’ having received an invoice following completing the payment process, please contact Ex Ordo Customer Support Team at support@exordo.com for assistance. 

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