Changing a delegate's registration

You can update a delegate's invoice, registration fee and registration details. Here are the few steps on how to do that:

Step 1) Find the delegate in the registration system that you'd like to update

Log into the registration dashboard and click on Delegates. Here you can either search for someone specifically, or you can take a look at all the delegates in a list and choose the one you are interested in.

You will be prompted to search for a delegate or view the list of delegates: this includes all of the users on the conference regardless of whether or not they have already set up an invoice. If you know the user's surname or email address it will be faster to use the search option.

Once you find the delegate, click on his/her name and on the following page choose Registration Details.

Step 2) Update Registration/Additional Details Information/Payment

The page with registration invoice will open; at the bottom of this page you'll have option to Update Registration, Update Additional Details, or update a Payment. When you update one of these options you must click Save in order to save the changes:

Step 3) Send updated email receipt to the delegate

After saving the updates you will be transferred back to the invoice page. Here you then must select Email Receipt. An 'Are you sure...?' question will appear. If you are happy to proceed, click OK, and your delegate will receive a new invoice with all the updated information.

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