Authors: Registering for the conference

If you are a regular delegate wishing to register to attend and the conference you are attending is using Ex Ordo, this article will explain how you can register.

Step 1) Login to the conference

The first thing you must do is  log in to the conference dashboard. If you are an author or a reviewer you should make sure to log in with the same email that you are already using for this conference.

Step 2) Register from your dashboard

Once the registration period opens, you will have the Registrations Window card on your card strea. You should see a Register prompt on the card. Clicking on Register button will take you to the conference registration form. If the registration is not opened yet or the deadline has passed, you will need to contact the conference organizers. 

Step 3) Select your fees

The exact fees and options will depend on the conference you are attending and whether or not there are early or late fees. Select your options and scroll down to the bottom of the page to Continue to the next step.

Step 4) Confirm additional details

Then, on the second page you may be asked to fill out some additional delegate details, including whether or not you have any dietary or special requirements (this may depend on the conference). You will be required to fill out your billing details but you will not be asked to pay on this step.

Step 5) Checkout and confirm payment

Finally, you will be able to proceed to the checkout page. Typically most conferences using the Ex Ordo registration system will allow payment only through credit or debit card (some conferences will allow bank transfer payments). You must agree to the terms and conditions and then choose a payment method. If you choose debit or credit card, you will be brought to the payment page. If you choose Bank Transfer, you will have to pay directly to the bank account of the conference. 

Congratulations, you are now going to the conference! 

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