Setting additional fees

Through the Ex Ordo registration system you have the ability to create additional fees which can applied to invoices. These fees are not enabled by default, but if you contact the Ex Ordo support team these fees can be enabled for you and you can then set whatever additional fees you want.

Once enabled, you will see these three fees on the Fees and Options page. You can create new fees if you wish or remove the ones already there. Unlike regular fees, users cannot choose any of these fees and they will not see them when registering normally and you cannot set their value on the Fees and Options page. 

Users will only see an additional fee if you have added one to their invoice and you can set its value when applying it.

To add a cancellation fee, admin fee, or bank charge

First of all, you must find the invoice to which you wish to add the additional fee. Go to the list of invoices from the registration dashboard and click on the invoice to select it.

You must then scroll down to the bottom of the invoice and select Update Registration to add or remove fees.

You will the be taken to the invoice. Here you will see the fees and options that the delegate has already selected. Scroll down and you will see your additional fees. You can enter the actual cost of the charge or charges that you wish to apply and once you have entered any charges you can then click Continue to save the changes to the invoice.

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