Registering a participant as an organizer

If you are the conference chair, you will have the ability to register and create an invoice for another user. To do so you will need to first see if they are already have an invoice. First, go to the registrations dashboard and select the Delegates option to access the delegate list.

You well then be asked if you wish to search for a delegate or the view the list of delegates: this includes all of the users on the conference regardless of whether or not they have already set up an invoice. If you know the user's surname or email address it will be faster to use the search option on the left.

If your delegate appears when you search for them then you can go ahead and check if they have an invoice or not. If they do not appear below then you should skip to Step 2 below.

Step 1) Registering an existing user without an invoice

If the user account exists but they have not already registered then you should see something like the following screen, giving you to opportunity to register this person.

If it instead says that they have registered  then you may wish to update them instead.

Clicking on this will take you to the registration form and create an invoice for this person. You can proceed through the registration form and select options for this person's invoice. As an administrator you will be able to see options which might not normally be available to them, including any hidden early or late fees.

You can then either complete the invoice and pay the relevant registration balance or leave it for the user to come back and pay later themselves by logging in with the account they have set up.

Step 2) Registering a person without an account

If the person does not appear to have an account (ie. they do not appear in the delegate list) you should first make sure that you have the correct surname or email. It is possible the user may have created an account under a different email address or misspelt their name.

If they definitely do not have an account then one will need to be created. Either the user can create an account and then register themselves or you could create one  by going to the login page for your conference - this will require you to logout of our your account.

You can then either register through their account or log back in to your own account and repeat Step 1 above.

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