Opening or closing registrations

Once you are happy with your Registration setup and the different fees and options, you can open it for delegates to register. To do this, all you need to do is set the dates, which you can reach from the Registrations hub on your dashboard.

In the Step 1 you will need to set the Registration Opens and Registration Closes dates, as shown below:

The Registration open date will than open the system for registration, and trigger a new prompt on the dashboard for all users which will say Register as below:

All the delegates will then have access to the Registration form. The second date will decide the registration shuts for all users other than administrators. From this date on, none of the regular delegates will be able to register or to update their registration. The Register prompt won't be available and the registration card will say that the registration now closed.

If you would like to extend or otherwise change your registration date you can come back here any time, and change the registration dates.

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