Marking an invoice as paid

There may be situations where you, as an administrator, will need to mark users invoices as paid. This will typically need to be done where delegates have paid outside of the system, for example they have paid via bank transfer. In this case their invoice would not be automatically updated with the new payment but will need to be marked manually.

From the registration dashboard, click on Invoices. We will need to find the user's invoice so that it can mark as paid. 

Here, you will see a list of invoices and should search for the invoice that needs to be updated. If they do not appear at first make sure that you have ticked the box marked Show Unconfirmed Delegates. Once you have found them, click on their invoice.

You will then be taken to the page for that invoice. Scroll down to the bottom, and select Payments, this will open the payments page which allows to mark payments and refunds. In our example below you will see that this user has indicated that they will pay by bank transfer.

On the Payments page, select the appropriate payment type from the list. In this case since the delegate has paid by bank transfer we should select Electronic Funds Transfer. We will also be asked to enter the amount that they have paid. You can also mark refunds in a similar way. 

When ready, click Process Payment to mark that payment against the invoice. If the invoice balance and payment values match then the user's invoice will be marked as fully paid.

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