Exporting the online timetable

There are a two options to export out the online timetable once it is completed

  1. Export into a spreadsheet
  2. Export to a PDF

1. Spreadsheet

Detailed export

This contains all the information about all sessions in the timetable and their related submissions.

From the Programme Dashboard, click on Manage Sessions:-

At the bottom of your list of sessions, you can export the detailed timetable information into a spreadsheet:-

Timetable Export

This will provide a spreadsheet showing the timetable as it appears in the system. If you would like to export this, you just need to use the link below. You will need to replace ' conferencename' with your real conference name: 

http:// conferencename.exordo.com/exports/timetable

2. PDF

If you would like to get a PDF export of the conference timetable, you can now do that with a few simple steps, by using the URL address of one of the two options below:

Simple format

This Simple format has four columns and prints the programme linearly across those four columns. This format leaves off the specific papers in each session in favour of trying to provide a concise overview of the conference on as few sheets as possible.

If you would like to use the Simple format, you just need to use the link below. You will need to replace 'conferencename' with your real conference name: 


Presentation format

The Presentation format has two columns and prints the programme linearly across them. This format however does include the paper and author information on the timetable.

If you would like to use the Presentation format, you just need to use the link below. You will need to replace 'conferencename' with your real conference name: 


The only difference between the two of them is the URL. If you change the word from 'simple' to 'presentation' in the URL, the program will change as well.

If you would like to check both types, you can do that by following the links below:

Simple Format -   https://trinityhirc2015.exordo.com/programme/exports/timetable?type=simple&format=colour&size=letter

Presentation -    https://trinityhirc2015.exordo.com/programme/exports/timetable?type=presentation&format=colour&size=letter


Colour vs. Grey-scale

The formats above are both outlined for the colour option. If you change the word colour to grey you will end up with a black and white version of program.

Simple Format with grey-scale: https://trinityhirc2015.exordo.com/programme/exports/timetable?type=simple&format=grey&size=letter

Affiliation vs. No. Affiliation

The example above does not include the affiliation of the authors. If you need to add this in, please add &affiliation=true to the end of your link and it will show you all the affiliations of your authors.

Presentation Format with grey-scale and affiliation:  https://trinityhirc2015.exordo.com/programme/exports/timetable?type=presentation&format=grey&size=letter&affiliation=true

A4 vs. Letter

You can also choose to have the PDF displayed as A4 or letter type simply by change the size and using either A4 or letter in the link.

Presentation Format with colour, affiliation and A4 display:  https://trinityhirc2015.exordo.com/programme/exports/timetable?type=presentation&format=colour&size=A4&affiliation=true

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