Exporting the conference Programme

There are two options to export out the online timetable once it is completed

  1. Export into a spreadsheet
  2. Export to a PDF

Both types are saved and downloadable from the Programme hub = > Exports.

1. Spreadsheet

Design  Ready Programme

This will provide a spreadsheet showing the timetable as it appears in the system. 

Programme Contents

This contains all the information about all sessions in the programme and their related submissions.

2. PDF

If you would like to get a PDF export of the conference programme there are two different types you can download:

Simple format

This Simple format has four columns and prints the programme linearly across those four columns. This format leaves off the specific papers in each session in favour of trying to provide a concise overview of the conference on as few sheets as possible.

Presentation format

The Presentation format has two columns and prints the programme linearly across them. This format, however, does include the paper and author information on the timetable.

You can now decide on the paper size of the export (A4 or Letter) and colours (with colours or black and white):

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