Setting up my fees and options

This article will explain the different options available to you when setting up your registration fees and other options. From the registration dashboard, just click on the Fees and Options selection to be the taken to the area in which you can set up your registration fees, social event tickets, and workshops.

Fees and Options

You will the be presented with some categories which you might allow your delegates to select from. This guide will use the default options which are available to you, but you do not need to have all of these enabled; it is your registration form after all!

The three categories available to you are as follows:

  • Conference Registration - this includes the primary registration fee, an option for additional delegates, and any other exclusive lists of fees which you might have. You will usually need to have at least the Registration Fee option as this is the main conference registration which delegates must select.
  • Social - social events are your receptions, banquets, field trips, or any event where delegates have the option of purchasing or selecting one or more tickets.
  • Workshops - if you have workshops or other special sessions you can require delegates to specify whether or not they wish to attend any of these, and this is the area when you set these up.

You can create new fees in these section or delete any that already exist. More than likely you will want to delete at least some of the default options as they might not be relevant to your conference. To delete a fee, move the cursor over the it and an 'X' will appear; select this to delete the fee. To add a fee, just select the Add New option at the bottom of the relevant section.

Conference Registration

The two defaults which are enabled under the Conference Registration section are the Registration Fee and an Accompanying person option. You will more than likely keep the registration fee option as this is the primary conference registration which almost all of your delegates will select. Many conferences will also use the accompanying person option to allow registrants to bring at least one guest.

NB - Invoices in Ex Ordo are limited to one per user account, it is not possible for the system to mark another user's invoice as paid automatically if another registrant intends on registering them as an accompanying person.

Looking the Registration Fee option, you can see below that you can include several different fees. This is an exclusive list so delegates may only select one fee and are required to select one to proceed with their registration. You can include different fee types for different kinds of delegates such as members of an organisation, students, or retired delegates.

You can also create late fees by setting availability dates as below. If a date is in the future or in the past when a delegate attempts to register they will not be able to select it - they can only select the fees that are available at that point in time. The system will mark fees not currently available as Hidden. Since you are the administrator of the system, if your try to register with your admin email address, the system will show you also hidden fees. It doesn't mean they are visible for delegates, just for you as an admin.

If you select Limit Availability you will be able to limit the total availability of registration fees. This is useful if your conference has limited space and can only allow a certain number of delegates attending.

When ready, select Save to save your fee types and return to the registration dashboard.


Social events are any registration options which operate on a ticket basis. By default these options will allow delegates to indicate whether or not they are attending and, if so, how many tickets they will require. If any of these options are included in the overall registration fee (as receptions and dinners sometimes are) then you might use these sections instead to check if delegates plan on attending or if they need additional tickets.

In the Welcome Reception example below, you can see that you can specify a price per ticket and how many tickets delegates can select when registering. As with the conference registration you can also limit the number of overall tickets available and the number of tickets selected by each delegate will count against this.

When ready, select Save to proceed.


Workshops are much simpler than the other two areas; here you are just asking delegates whether or not they intend on attending any of your workshops, tutorials, or special sessions.

Again, as with the previous sections you have the option to limit the availability of each workshop selection, especially useful considering workshops are typically much more restricted in capacity than other conference sessions might be. Adding a description to each workshop will also allow delegates to see a short synopsis of the workshops available as they register, helping them choose

As before, select Save to finish up!

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