Registration settings

The Registration Settings page allows you configure numerous elements of the registration process, including how delegates will be able to pay and where they can access your terms and conditions. To access the Settings page you must first go to the Registrations Dashboard and then click on Settings.

Support Contact Details

The first section of the Settings page allows you configure the Support Contact Details, including the following sections:

The name, contact address, and email address of the person on the organising committee who will be primarily responsible for handling invoicing and payment queries related to registrations. 

Terms and Conditions and Contact Us URLs, these will be available to users while they are on the registration form. Ideally these URLs will link to pages on your own website.

You can include a BCC Email if you wish; whenever and invoice is created, a copy will also be to sent to the email entered here. This is particularly useful in case you wish to be notified whenever a user fills out the registration form.

You can select one of your administrators as the Notification Contact; this person will receive notification emails just before fee types expire (ie. early registration fees).

Payment Settings

This section is the most crucial area for your conference, as you cannot begin collecting payments until you have configured how you are going collect payments from delegates. You will have the option of choosing whether or not you will accept Credit Card and/or Bank Transfer Payments (both are selected below).

If you wish to take Credit Card Payments you will have a choice of using either a Paypal or Realex account which you have arranged on your end. This article has further information on how you can handle electronic payments.

In the case of Bank Transfer Payments you will be required to enter the instructions that delegates must follow to pay through their bank. They will be required to use the invoice generated when they complete the registration form to pay and you should include the conference bank account details and any additional information relevant to you processing the payment.

Extra Information

This field will allow to add any other information relevant to the registration process. Whatever you enter on this page will appear on both pages of the registration form and also on the invoice which delegates can receive by email. You can enter anything you think might be relevant.

Additional Details and Other Settings

Here you can choose some additional details for the registration form. The default options are all selected below; these will ask your details to enter some further information about themselves, for example whether or not they have any additional dietary or special requirements.

When you have selected all the details that you wish and configured the payment details as required then you must select the Save All Settings to save everything you have entered.

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