Collecting credit card payments

When your delegates register to attend, you can direct them to a secure checkout page where they enter their details and pay their invoices. The Ex Ordo registration system does not collect payments natively but to collect payments electronically you can link in with either a Paypal or Realex account.

This can be configured in your Settings panel:

Option 1) Paypal

All that you need to connect your Paypal account with Ex Ordo is the Paypal username. Once you enter this, delegates will be directed to your Paypal checkout page to pay their invoice. They may be asked to create a Paypal account to do so; you may be able to switch this off in your account, see more guidance here.

The one thing to beware when setting up your Paypal account is that you will need to confirm that there are no withdrawal limits on your account. With these limits you will not be able to withdraw large amounts from your account, which may hold up the processing on registration fees. 

You may be asked by Paypal to provide identification but the process should not take more than two weeks. You can find further information on the Paypal   help centre here.

Option 2) Realex

Realex is only available to conferences based in Ireland or the United Kingdom. When you create your account with Realex you will be provided with a Merchant ID and Shared Secret; each conference instance will then have its own Subaccount name (your first conference may simply be called 'Internet').

Once you've entered this information in the Regsitrations Settings, you will then receive further information which you must pass on to your contact in Realex. This includes:

- A ZIP archive containing design files which Realex must upload to the relevant subaccount for the conference in question. These will keep the look of the checkout page seamless with the rest of the Ex Ordo registration site for your conference.

- A Request URL and a Callback/Response URL; with these links the registration page will be able to connect delegates with the checkout page and then return them to the Ex Ordo system once they make their payment.

- Authorised IP Addresses, these will allow the registration system to connect securely to the Realex checkout page,

Once all of these details have been received by Realex and uploaded on their end, your checkout page will be fully linked in with your Ex Ordo registration system!

Process for the delegate

When the delegate goes to check out, they will have to confirm they are wish to pay with a Debit or Credit Card. They will then be brought to the external system (Paypal or Realex) to pay the amount owed.

System Records

The following will occur if the payment has been made with PayPal or Realex:

  • Payment will automatically be recorded in the Ex Ordo system
  • Registration will be marked as Completed
  • Due amount on the invoice will be 0.00 (if paid in total)
  • Delegate will automatically receive a registration receipt with their details
  • Delegate will be added to the Invoices list and the total number of Registered delegates on your Registration Overview card will increase

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