Marking a delegate' s registration as complimentary

Many conferences will have delegates attending who will not have to pay for their registration, these might be invited speakers or other VIPs whose conference fees are waived. If you're using our registration system and have delegates in such a situation you will be able to mark their invoices as complimentary and this guide will explain how.

Creating an Invoice

To mark an invoice as paid, invoice will have to be created in the first place. The easiest way to do this is for the person to create their own invoice which you can then mark as complimentary later. 

Once registrations are live, all users will see a Registration hub on their dashboard. Clicking on this will take the user to the registration form.

Once on the registration form, they should proceed to select their fees and options from the list as appropriate and continue to the next page where they will be asked for any other additional details.

On the second page, depending on how you have configured your registration, they may be asked to provide their name and affiliation as they would like it to appear on their delegate badge. They may also be asked for any dietary or additional requirements, or the names of any accompanying persons (if you are allowing them to bring guests).

Here they will be asked provide a billing address before clicking Save Additional Details to complete their invoice.

Finally, with their invoice complete they will be given the option to pay online (if you are using Paypal or Realex to collect payments). At this point your VIP does not have to do anything! Their invoice is complete and they can leave the page now, letting you know if needs be that they have entered their registration options. 

Marking the Invoice as Complimentary

Now that their invoice is complete, you can step in and mark it as complimentary. At this point the system will believe that a payment is outstanding so you will need to step into the Invoices section of the registration dashboard to find theirs.

Make sure that you select the option to Show unconfirmed delegates as otherwise you will only see the invoices which have been fully paid. Find the invoice that you're looking for and click on it to view it in detail.

You will see the full invoice details on this page, the registration fees and options selected, the person's contact and billing details, and whether any payments have been made or attempted on the invoice. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the options available to you. Select Complimentary to mark some or all of the registration options as being complimentary.

You will be taken to a page where you can select which options you would like to mark as complimentary. You can select some or all of these by clicking the checkbox to the right. As you do this the Total Complimentary number will update and when you have marked all of the options that you would like to have as complimentary then you can click Save Complimentary Settings to finish!

NB - If the delegate has selected options which you do not wish to mark as complimentary, then they will be able to pay for these later. When they return to pay the balance on their invoice, they will only be charged for anything which is not already paid for or marked as complimentary.

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