Understanding your timetable dashboard

When you access the programme scheduler, you will be taken to the administrator dashboard where you will be presented with several different options. These options will allow you to create sessions, assign accepted presentations to these sessions, view the programme schedule itself, and more.

1) Manage Sessions

Perhaps the most important option when starting off with the scheduler is to manage your sessions. From here you will be able to create sessions and make changes to any sessions that you have already created. 

This includes presentation sessions - sessions that you can assign accepted submissions to as presentations - and other, general sessions and keynote presentations. You can view a step-by-step guide to creating and working with sessions  here.

2) Assign Presentations

This area will allow you to view all the submissions that have been accepted and once you have created at least one presentation session you can start assigning these submissions to sessions.  This guide will show you how to assign presentations in more depth.

3) Programme

Once you have sessions created and have started assigning presentations to times in those sessions, you can click on the programme section to view the schedule as it appears. You can share this link with your delegates as it is publicly accessible while the rest of the dashboard is not.

4)  Check for Conflicts

Selecting this option will allow to see whether any presenters have been double-booked on the conference programme or whether there are any other scheduling conflicts which might affect them. Hopefully you will only ever see good news!

5) Presentations

This area will give you a little bit more info about each presentation, the abstract of the accepted submission and details about the authors presenting (including any biographies if you have asked the authors to provide these). You can use to give yourself a brief overview of the people and subjects being presented, which you can then pass on to your session chairs.

6) Download All

If you have asked the accepted authors to upload presentation files, then clicking this will compile all of these files as available into a single ZIP archive which is then downloaded. The archive will arrange the presentation files by session, allowing you to distribute these out to your session chairs as appropriate.

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