Refunding a delegate

This article will walk you through the process of handling refunds in Ex Ordo. One thing to note before reading this is that the money for the fees are not held by Ex Ordo, it is held by Paypal or Realex. So in order to actually refund the money back to the delegate, you will have to contact Paypal/Realex about this. We cannot do this on your behalf, as we are not the account holders.
However, Ex Ordo does help you to keep track of the statuses of the payments in our registration system. This article will show you how to mark delegates that have been refunded money, to help keep your records up to date. 

Step 1) Find the participant in the registration system that you'd like to refund

Once you log into the registration dashboard, click on Delegates and you'll get a chance to either look for someone specifically or you can take a look at all the delegates in a list and choose the one you are interested in.

Once you find the delegate that you'd like to refund, click on his/her name and on the following page choose Registration Details as you see below:

Step 2) Payment Options

At the bottom of the registration details page, click on the Payments button. This will bring up a list of payment options for you to choose from.

When you click on it there will be a dropdown menu that allows you to choose different type refunds. Here, select the relevant type of refund for your delegate.

The changes that you make here don't effect any money flow, it is only to keep up to date with the payments.

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