Adding administrators to the conference

This article will show you how to give users administrative access to the system.

Step 1)  Navigation

Select the conference hub on your dashboard.

Step 2) Access the People step

From here, first click 'Conference Setup Workflow' to enter your settings and then navigate to the 'People' step to add administrators. You can add administrators to the conference at any time. Next click on 'Add another Person' and enter their email address in the text box that appears. 

Once the email address is entered, you will then have to enter their first name and last name. You can select whether or not this person is to be a chair, an assistant, track chair or a data viewer for the conference. Make your selection by clicking on an option from the dropdown menu under 'Conference Role'. You can learn more about the different administrator roles  here.

And that's it! You've now added another administrator to the conference. They will receive an automatic email to notify them that they have been added.

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