Track chair responsibilities and tasks

If your conference is running tracks - what we would consider to be 'conferences within conferences' - then you will have the opportunity to invite track chairs; administrators who will manage the administration of one or more tracks. Their powers are limited to the tracks to which they have been assigned. This article will illustrate some of the different things that a track chair can do.

For the most part, track chairs have exactly the same powers as general conference chairs however they're limited to their own track. For example:

  • Track chairs can view all the submissions in their track, including the details of the authors.
  • They can also edit these submissions and can withdraw or even delete submissions to their track.
  • Track chairs can also add submissions after the submission deadline in the same way as an administrator (on behalf of an author, for example) but only on their own track.

For the review:

  • Track chairs can add reviewers for their track and allocate submissions to them.
  • They can view the progress of reviews in their track and re-assign reviewers if needed.
  • Track chairs can also make decisions and publish the track, therefore moving the submissions into the final submission stage.

In terms of using the communication centre to send out emails:

  • Track chairs can contact the authors and reviewers on their track, and also to invite reviewers.
  • After the reviewing they will be also able to contact the authors accepted for their track.
  • They cannot use the communication centre to send a call for papers. This option is only available to users marked assistants and general chairs.

Note: Any email sent by a track chair from the communication centre which uses the [[ChairNames]] macro will actually list the track chair's name, rather than that of any general conference chairs.

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