Allowing delegates to pay without a PayPal account

After a delegate selects their fees in Ex Ordo, they will be taken to your PayPal payment gateway. Depending on your configuration, delegates will be able to pay directly using their credit card or they may be forced to create a PayPal account. Most delegates prefer not to create a PayPal account and so this behaviour is undesirable. If you wish to disable this "feature", you should read this guide and check the configuration options in your PayPal account.

PayPal refers to this feature as "Payments Standard's Credit Card Option" or "PayPal Account Optional" in their  online help guides.

Your PayPal Account

  • Your PayPal account must be either Premier or Business. Personal Accounts do not have this option.
  • PayPal Account Optional is turned on - this enables non PayPal Members to pay by Credit Card. See instructions below.
  • The email address you use to log into your PayPal Account must be verified. 
  • The "Paypal Username" you provide in your registration settings in Ex Ordo must be a PayPal verified email address or your Business ID. 
  • Your Bank Account must be linked and verified - so you can withdraw or transfer funds. 
  • Your Credit Card must be linked and verified. 

Enabling PayPal Account Optional 

To enable the PayPal Account Optional feature: 
  1. Login to PayPal and go to your Profile
  2. Select: Profile and settings
  3. Select: My Selling Tools 
  4. Under: Selling Online
  5. Locate: Website Preferences
  6. Click on: Update
  7. Locate: PayPal Account Optional
  8. Click: On
  9. Click: Save 

When the "account optional" feature is turned on, delegates won't need a PayPal account to register. They use an alternate checkout and have the option to sign up for a PayPal account afterwards. Delegates with PayPal accounts still log in to their PayPal accounts to check out. 

Other Reasons

There are a couple of specific reasons why the Credit Card Option may not be available to your delegates. 
  • You are using the wrong email address or an unverified email address.
  • The country you reside in. Not all countries have all the PayPal features available.
  • The country your delegate resides in. Not all countries have all PayPal features available. 

PayPal Uses Cookies

Lastly, assuming you have your PayPal Account setup properly but you still don't see the Credit Card Option or only see a small link to the Credit Card Option. Then its probably PayPal's use of cookies that's causing the problem. The PayPal Screens are designed to be displayed in a specific way and what you see is based on the cookies and/or your PayPal Account configuration. 
PayPal relies on the use of cookies to track what's in your cart and retain other info about you and therefore the screen that is displayed may not be the screen you expect to see. If you are a new user visiting PayPal for the first time, the Credit Card Option will be clearly displayed.
If this is your second or third visit to PayPal and your previous cookie has not expired, PayPal now views you as a returning user. You will get a screen with a small link to the Credit Card Option. Although this is not as obvious to the delegate, the Credit Card Option is still available. The only way it will change this is to delete your cookies.

Still Having Trouble?

If you continue having trouble with this, we would recommend that you contact PayPal directly. For privacy/security reasons, PayPal will not deal with our support team on your behalf (as we are not the PayPal account owner). If you call them, they should be able to advise you on what you need to do to make this step optional for your delegates:

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