Creating an account with Ex Ordo

This article explains how to create an account the first time you login to Ex Ordo. Our system works on a single sign-in base. This means that once you create an account with Ex Ordo, the same account will be valid for all other conferences. You just need to remember the username (email address) you used to create your account. Sometimes the conference chair will have created one for you with your email address. You just need to ensure you use the email address that was used in the first account creation.

However, if this is your first time with us, then follow the steps below:

Step 1) Access the login page

Firstly, go to the login page of your conference. This could be available on the conference website or sent in an email/Call for Papers from the organizers. 

The website address for the conference you wish to attend will always be in the form:

where ' conferenceshortname' is the short name of the conference. On the example below gcycle17 is the conference short name. 

Step 2) Enter your details

Your conference login page will have two boxes. One is used to create the account and another one is used to login if you already have an Ex Ordo account. Use New to Ex Ordo? one if you are logging into Ex Ordo for the first time as below. Enter your email, First Name, Last Name and your preferred password. Check for the typos and when you're happy click Create Account.

After clicking on Create Account you will land on your Ex Ordo Dashboard. Ta-dah! You now have an account - happy conferencing!

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