Limiting fee visibility

Sometimes, conferences have a special set of fees that should not be available to all delegates. 

If you want to give a special VIP fee to a group of select people, there are a number of steps explained below.

Step 1) Create the fee and mark it hidden

In your fees and options, you can add the fee and mark it Hidden. This means no-one can see it except administrators.

Step 2) Create/find the registration for the person

In the delegate list, find the person who needs the special fee.

Step 3) Register them with the new fee 

When you find them in the list, you can select and start registration for them. 

As an administrator, you will see the special fee for them and can assign it. 

At this point, you can simply finish the registration if you have their payment details. Alternatively, you can ask them to login and finish their registration. They will now see the special fee you chose for them.

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