Creating sessions for my timetable

From your dashboard, click on the Programme hub.

Then click on Sessions and Presenters on the next page. This will take you to the dashboard where you can build your sessions, assign presentations to these sessions, and view your timetable.

To build your programme's sessions, click on the option labeled Manage Sessions. This will give you the option to view whatever sessions you may have, the papers assigned to each, and allow to edit these sessions.

If this is your first time editing your sessions, the Manage Sessions will inform you that you have no sessions. You can click on the Add Session button at any point, now or later, to create a new session.

Here, you will have the opportunity to decide what kind of session you want to run. The Accepted Presentations option is the only one which will allow you to assign papers (oral, poster, etc.), the others will not.

While build your session the first decision you will have to make here is to decide the Session Title, the name of the session as it will appear in the timetable. Many conferences also use Short Codes to distinguish sessions, and you will have to option to add one here.

You will then need to enter the day and time that the session will start, and you can enter the venue (the room) in which the session will be held.

Finally, you can enter the name of the person who will chair the session and the length of each presentation (and whether or not you want to include a gap between each presentation). The Presentation Length and Presentation Gap times will be applied to each presentation in the session to determine the total length of the session in the timetable. For example: if the session starts at 9:00AM and has four 15 minute presentations with no gap, the session will appear as 9:00AM-10:00AM in the timetable.

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