Building your timetable

This system will let you build your timetable online and then share it with your delegates. The timetable system, will automatically pull in all of your abstract content and if anyone makes an update to an abstract, these changes will automatically propagate onto your online programme. 

In addition to all of that, your accepted presenters will be able to upload their presentations and biographies online. The system will then gather all of this information for you, so that you can share it with your delegates.

Building Your Timetable

You can begin building programme by going to Programme hub from your dashboard and then selecting Sessions and Presenters. From there, it's just 3 steps to a completed timetable. 

Step 1) Create The Sessions 

First, you need to create all of the sessions for the conference, this is done in Manage Sessions

If you have not already created any sessions you will be greeted by message inviting you to create one. You can select the Add Session button to create your sessions.

You can create 3 types of sessions:

  1. Accepted Presentations is the general presentation session to which you can assign accepted submissions.
  2. Keynote Session is for your invited keynote speakers.
  3. General Event is for any other type of event such as registration or lunch. 

Step 2) Update The Session Information 

When you have created a session, you will need to include some more information. Insert the session title and its short code, for example, OS-1A (1st oral session), OS-1B (parallel to OS-1A), PS-2 (2nd poster session). You will also be asked to enter the time and date of the session and can specify the duration of each presentation assigned to the session.

When you're ready, you can select Save to save the session and return to the Manage Sessions page.

Step 3) Allocate Submissions To Sessions 

Select the Conference Programme header to exit the Manage Sessions page and to come back to the programme dashboard. 

On the programme dashboard page, select Assign Presentations what will take you to the allocation page, where you will see options for all of your acceptance formats e.g. Oral and Poster.

To allocate submissions, you can use the drop down beside the submission title. You can also filter by accepted format and by the topic. Your allocations will be saved as you proceed through the list of submissions and you can always make changes as necessary.

Step 4) Presentations and Biographies 

When you are ready, you can also configure the  presentation and biography upload by following this guide and then send out an email to the accepted authors asking them to upload presentations and biographies. More about emailing your presenters you can find in article here.

Step 5) Sharing the timetable

Once complete, you can use the following link to share the timetable with anyone you need to. This link is accessible to everyone i.e. delegates do not have to be logged into the system. Simply replace conference name with the short name of your conference:

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