Admin: Assigning Decisions to Panels

Panel acceptance formats behave differently compared to individual submissions in that you do not need to configure the acceptance formats. 

Panels will always be accepted as “Panel” and will always be rejected as “Declined Panel”.

Decisions can be assigned to Panels in the Reviews hub under the List of Panels:

Publishing an accept decision on a panel will not change any of the decisions on the panel contributions within that panel.

If some contributions are rejected, they will remain rejected and won’t continue as part of the conference.

Publishing a reject decision on a panel will change all the panel contributions to “declined panel contribution”.

Note: If you are rejecting a Panel, contributions can still be accepted but as an individual submission rather than a Panel contributions.

To do so, that submission needs to be removed from the Panel first. We have a guide on how to do this here.

Once decisions are assigned and published, the Panels Notification of Decisions card will become available on your dashboard through which you can notify panel organisers from accepted and rejected panels:

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