Admin: Adding Conveners into the Reviewers List

As noted in the Panels review configuration article, there are a number of differences to the Panels review process compared to other submission formats.

One of the differences is that you can assign panel conveners exclusively to your Panel submissions.

Your other reviewers can then review submissions have been collected as other formats.

If you wish to have your conveners also be involved in the review for formats other than panels, you will need to follow some steps to make that happen.

  1. Navigate to the Reviewers list

The Reviewers list shows you all of the reviewers currently in the system. Normally, this would be empty. However, when Panels are enabled, you will see all of your conveners in this screen. You will also see a new column, indicating the role:

Here, you can see the roles Convener and General Reviewer. You’ll also notice that some reviewers in the list have both of these roles.

Those that are Conveners only, will need to be added as General Reviewers as well, to be eligible to review submissions outside of their Panel.

  1. Add Reviewers to the List

You will then be required to supply the conveners details in the following format where each is separated, one per line:

You should type or paste all of your Conveners into the box provided adhering to the above format guidelines of First name, Last name and email address, separated by a space.

Then click on the Done button to continue.

3) Double check details before completing the reviewer import

The system will then parse all of your Convener details and check each record for errors. If errors are detected, the system will then ask you to correct these records (or ignore them) before proceeding. You can update any of the reviewer records using the Edit button.

At this stage, we would encourage you to check and confirm all of your reviewer details (typos and errors). Once you click on the Done button, the system will start to import these Conveners.

During the import process, you will see a progress bar on the screen. Depending on the number of reviewers you have included the import process this may take 1-30 seconds. Finally, you will see a Huzzah! message once the import process has completed.

Once you close the Add Reviewers workflow using the Done button, you will then be taken to the List of Reviewers where you'll see your Convenors with their new profile type. The system will not automatically send a notification email to the Convenors to let them know that they are reviewers across the system.

Note: While the Conveners have now been added as General Reviewers and their status is “Ready to Review”, they will still need to select, or be assigned topics to be available to review single submissions.

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