Reclaiming the Host Role in Webex Webinars

There is no need to worry if you get kicked out of a Webex Webinar when you are the stage manager/host. Follow the steps below to reclaim the host role.

Step 1: Rejoin the Webinar in Webex

You can do this though the virtual builder if you are the named stage manager for the session by clicking the Rejoin Event button.

You can also do this through the Event space and join the Webinar as an attendee.

Step 2: Copy the host key from the session information page in the Virtual Builder

Step 3: Click on the Participant Menu and then select Reclaim Host Role.

Step 4: Enter the host key into the pop up window and click OK

Step 5: That's it! You are now the host. Press OK and have a great session!

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