Adding Custom meeting links to your Session

Conference admins still need to create stages and assign sessions to them. Once sessions are assigned to a stage, you will be given a prompt to add a meeting link to the session.

Essentially you will need to:

  1. Create a stage
  2. Assign a session to that stage
  3. In the session editor modal, add a meeting link
Note: It’s up to admins to ensure their external meetings and their schedule in Ex Ordo are in sync.

Adding meeting links

Adding custom meeting links to your sessions in the virtual programme can be done in Virtual >> Builder >> Assigner.

If your conference has the custom links enabled, any online sessions that do not yet have links attached will appear with an error:

To add your meeting link, simply click on the session in question, and under Session Details you will see the box Meeting Link:

Note: Links must start with https or http to be considered valid. Links that start with www will not be considered valid.

Once you've added your meeting link, the session will no longer be marked as red with a broken link icon, it will now look like this:

Links can be reused across multiple sessions

With custom links, links can be reused for multiple sessions, or each session can have a different link, it’s up to conference admins.  

Stage managers are optional

The stage manager role still exists but is now optional. The people responsible for hosting the external online meetings may prefer to start them outside of Ex Ordo.

If a conference chooses to use the stage manager feature, stage managers can see how long their stage is running each day, and use the stage day page to get info about that day’s lineup.

Stage managers are still linked to particular stage days within Ex Ordo.

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