What if my submission has been removed from a Panel?

If you have submitted a panel contribution, that contribution will be marked as Submitted and is visible on your Ex Ordo dashboard. Individual submissions will also be visible here. 

The My Submissions card displays all submitted contributions. If a conference administrator removes your contribution from the panel, the status of the contribution will change to Pending and the contribution will no longer be visible on the My Submissions card because it is no longer fully submitted. 

Click on View in List to see all of your submitted, pending and/or withdrawn submissions.

From the My Submissions list, click on a specific submission to expand it to see full details and additional actions.

If a panel organiser has removed your contribution from their panel, you can choose to submit it as an individual submission instead. To do this, click on Edit

If you do not wish to submit as a individual submission, you can Withdraw the submission from the conference.

Note: You can edit or withdraw submissions before the submission deadline. Please contact the conference organisers for assistance if the deadline has passed.

The Edit button will take you into the individual submission workflow. This workflow may have different questions than the panel submission workflow. It is very important to read the submission instructions before proceeding. 

When ready, you can complete all of the steps and submit your work as an individual contribution. 

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