Panel Organiser: What can authors see on the Panel list?

Authors are able to see and browse the list of all Submitted Panels. Withdrawn or Pending Panel submissions are not visible on the Public Panel's list.

Authors can see the panel details such as:

  • Panel Title
  • Panel organiser's 
    • Name and Last name
    • Email address
    • Organisation
    • Country
    • and any additional Author's questions admins have added.
  • Panel Description
  • Panel Topics
  • Panel Submission date
  • Last updated date
  • Panel Access 
  • Panel ID

If a Panel's access is set to  Open, authors can submit a contribution to that panel.

When the access is set to Invite only, authors are unable to submit contributions. However, authors will be able to see the panel organisers' email addresses and can contact them outside of the Ex Ordo system if needed.

Note: Authors are unable to see email addresses or other details from authors who have submitted contributions, only those of the panel organisers.

If a panel has contributions, they are only going to be visible to the Panel organiser and to the conference administrators.

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