Panel Organiser: Open vs Invite Only Panels

All panels can be Open or Invite Only. Both panels will be visible to everyone, but there is one important distinction.

  • Anyone can submit to an open panel.
  • Only those who have the shareable link can submit to an invite only panel. This options gives the panel organiser the ability to invite specific people to contribute. 

Modifying Access Settings

All panels are open by default. This means that anyone who logs in to the conference can submit to an open panel. Conference organisers can change this setting on Step 1 of the new panel workflow by setting the invite only switch to Yes.

Sharable link

Both open and invite only panels have a shareable link that can be sent to authors. Shareable links will take authors directly to your panel once they log into the system. If your panel is invite only, this link must be provided to authors for them to submit. If authors do not have the shareable link, they cannot submit as show in the image below.

The shareable link can be found in each panel. You can copy this link if you are a panel organiser. To do so, navigate to the  My Panels list and click on the panel title to expand the view.

At the top of the expanded view, you will see a shareable link. Click Copy shareable link and then share it with any authors you would like to invite.

You will need to email authors outside of the Ex Ordo system. Panel organisers do not have access to author emails within the system.

Anyone who has access via a shareable link will still need to log in to Ex Ordo before they can see or submit to a panel, but the link will take them directly to your panel once they are logged in.

Panel organisers can change the access restrictions after a panel has been created and before the submission deadline, if needed.

Note: Authors can only submit to panels that are submitted and when the submission deadline has not passed. If a panel is pending, withdrawn or the submission deadline has passed, authors cannot submit even if they have the shareable link.

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