Panel Organiser: Submitting contribution to an existing panel

Panel organisers are also able to submit their own work to a panel. Essentially, panel organisers can also be authors on a panel contribution. Panel organisers can:

  • Submit a contribution to their own Panel
  • Submit a contribution to someone else's Panel

Submitting a contribution to your own Panel

After logging into your account, click to Add Submission on the My Panels card on your dashboard.

This will take you to the submission workflow. You will first see the guidelines for your panel. Hit Next to continue and follow the steps listed below. 

Step 1: Title & Abstract

Enter in your panel contributions title and abstract. Click Done to proceed to the next next. 

Note: The conference organisers may have set an abstract word limit which is visible underneath the abstract text field. 

Step 2:  Authors

You will enter in author information on step 2. As you are the one submitting, the system will automatically add you as an author to the submission. If you are not the author, you can click Remove to take yourself off the submission. 

Once removed you will be asked to add the actual author's email address. Please do not copy and paste but type the new author's email address.

You will be also asked to fill in other author's details. This can vary by conference, but would include information such as names, titles, country and affiliations. 

You can add additional authors on step 2. Conference organisers may have placed a limit on how many authors or presenting authors you can add. 

In step 2, you can also determine who is the corresponding and presenting author. If there is only one author on the submission, that author will carry both roles. If there are multiple authors on a submission, the roles can be assigned between them. There must always be one corresponding and one presenting author. 

Step 3: Additional Information (optional)

Conference organisers may have added additional questions. These may be optional or required. Once answered, hit Done to submit your work.

Once you've completed all steps in the workflow, your contribution will be added to your panel.

Submitting a contribution to someone else's Panel

Login into your Ex Ordo account and click on Browse List of Panels on the Submit Abstract card. 

Click on the title of the panel you are submitting to so they view expands. In the top right corner, you can click on Submit to Panel. 

You will then be taken to the submission workflow where you can complete your contribution (Please see examples and steps in Submitting a Contribution to your own Panel chapter in this article).

Submitting to an Invite Only Panel

Sometimes a Panel will have restricted access (Invite Only) which is set up by the panel organisers. In that case, you will need to contact the panel organisers or the conference administrators directly and ask them to submit a contribution to this Panel.

If you are provided with the link to submit to an invite only panel, you will the be able to follow the steps to submit your work. 

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