Panels Glossary

Access restrictions - There are two options when it comes to Panels access, a Panel can be Open or Invite Only. Anyone can submit to an open panel, but only the panel organisers can submit contributions to their panel which is set to be invite only. Access restrictions are set up during the creating a panel workflow.

Panel organisers - Anyone who starts a new Panel is that Panels organiser. If the conference admins are creating the panel, anyone who's details are entered in the Roles, will be that panels organiser.

Public Panels list - The list of all panels currently available on the conference. The list is visible to everyone and anyone can submit, unless the access restrictions are set to Invite Only.

Panel contribution - A submission which was submitted to a panel.

Roles - Corresponding or Presenting authors on panel contributions.

Panel organiser cards - Action cards that will show the panel organiser their own panel details, and submissions contributed to their panel.

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